The deviantly cool guitar-rock band has consistently delivered a lyrical punch and wallop alongside its gritty, black-surf sound.

Genres: Rock alternative
Years active: 2015–present
Labels: MegaHex Internation
Members: Gray, Harrison, Paul, Dan


BMA: Hey Salem Wolves! First up, we start with the name. Where did “Salem Wolves” come from?

Salem Wolves: Salem Wolves was a name that had been kicking around for years. We’re all kids who grew up on the Northshore and the city of Salem has this powerful vibe that perfectly sums up what the band is and what it is striving to be. It’s this distinctly New England place where the most Saturday morning cartoon version of horror and magic and violence meets real working class people just trying to get by, who couldn’t care less about a store that sells incense and Ouija boards and shirts that say “I Got Stoned in Salem.” The name “Salem Wolves” just has an innate darkness and ferocity to it, but also can really be anything. It fit for what we wanted to be.

BMA: Next up, Boston Music Awards. Where were you when you found out about the nomination for New Artist of the Year, and who was the first person you told?

SW: There’s a lot of SW/BMA overlap, so I think it all hit the collective wolf consciousness about the same time: Dan works with Boston Hassle (nominated for Best Music Blog) and is dating Alyssa who runs Lysten Boston (Best Promoter), so Dan was the guy who first raised the signal flare.

BMA: We know this is tough, but what’s the one song that you’d want would-be new fans to listen to first?

SW: This is a tough one, not really because of the Sophie’s choice aspect, but more because all our songs are highlight different sides. I think a good place to start is with our latest single “Shameless,” since it features the entire cast of characters and really captures the tension between the love of mayhem and sheer terror that is our thing.

BMA: Who is the one artist nominated for a Boston Music Award this year that you’d most like to perform/collaborate with?

SW: We’ve had occasion to perform with quite a few artists on the list (The Devils Twins, Abbie Barrett, Tigerman WOAH, Worshipper, Weakened Friends) but the one that has eluded us is Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys. Brother has a hell of a voice and we dig the occultish, theatrical vibe.

BMA: So… when you’re selling out stadiums on your world tour — list the 5 things that would be on your rider?

SW:  The Wolf Rider would consist of:

3 steamed towels, heated to precisely 91.5 degrees. Yes, below body temperature.
Trough of the cold brew coffee they make at Converse Rubber Tracks (ideally with sedatives on hand to help level out). Curly straws.
Soft-baked Trader Joe’s brand snickerdoodles.
Team of skilled hand masseuses who also happen to be hand models.

BMA: Finally, what’s next for Salem Wolves?

SW: 2017 is going to see the release of our new debut record ‘Tooth & Nail’, recording new songs, playing shows and generally continuing to be loud and obnoxious around town and up and down the coast. Stay tuned.



Salem Wolves: "Black Books" Live
Salem Wolves: "Peach" & "Shameless" Live
Salem Wolves: "Rumblr"


After releasing their acclaimed debut EP Black Books (MegaHex Records) in January of 2015, the Wolves followed quickly with a series of singles: First their ode to New England obstinacy “More Weight!” (via Vanyaland), then the bouncing psychodoo-wop “Teenage Wonder” (via IMPOSE magazine) in Summer 2015. 2016 saw singles “Peach” and “Shameless,” as well as the announcement of their debut album “Tooth & Nail.”

“Teenage Wonder” made several Best of 2015 lists, including Bishop and Rook’s Top Records of 2015, Vanyaland’s 201V List, and The Boston Herald’s Top Songs of 2015.

In December 2015, the band was chosen to take part in a Converse Rubber Tracks recording session, resulting in the singles “Peach” and “Shameless,” produced by Dave Minehan (The Replacements, The Neighborhoods) and mastered by Bradford Kreiger (Dirty Dishes, Ravi Shavi). “Peach” made its exclusive debut at Allston Pudding and was described as a “punky anthem that knows when to be soft and when to rock hard.”

The band features the vocals and clattering guitars of Gray Bouchard (Match by Match), drums by Paul Koelle (Read Yellow), lead guitar by Dan McMahon (Lesser Knowns) and bass by Harrison Swyter.

Garnering comparisons to Titus Andronicus and The Thermals, they’ve toured relentlessly and shared the stage with acts like Crocodiles, July Talk, Radkey, Shark Week, Worshipper, Scissorfight, Tigerman WOAH and more.

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