Press: Pitchh – the new, free to join platform from The Boston Music Awards & Redefined.

August 8th, 2016 – 10:00AM EST

Boston, MA — The Boston Music Awards have partnered with new Boston based music site, — an online music guide that serves as a platform for all things music in Boston and beyond.

Pitchh is a music guide that connects the many dots that make music come to life. It’s about linking fans, artists, venues, labels, management, media, and retailers. As traditional revenue streams are drying up, Pitchh is about helping those in music find new ones, allowing them to connect to fans and music lovers in their city beautifully and simply.

“The Boston Music Awards celebrates and Pitchh connects.” said Redefined CEO, Paul Armstrong. “There is a lot of talk in the local music scene about how to help support artists and venues. We believe Pitchh — along with the Boston Music Awards — can not only support, but also help take local artists to the next level.”

Pitchh provides musicians, venues, and others in the music community a chance to create a professional one page destination to showcase their work. The cutting edge design includes artist photos, bios, social media channels displaying real-time content, show dates, and more.

“The partnership between the Boston Music Awards and Pitchh is, in part, a direct response to the question we received as new owners from multiple artists. “How do we get nominated?” adds Armstrong.  “Pitchh will not only help raise profiles of local artists in relation to that question, but also help more eyes, and ears, connect and discover their work.” is now live and 100% free to artists and venues.


Launched in Boston, Pitchh is a comprehensive music guide. It’s about linking fans, artists, venues, labels, management, media, and retailers. Pitchh is about helping those in music find new ones. By opening doors, streamlining processes, and making connections.

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Founded in 1987, The Boston Music Awards is an annual set of music awards that showcase the very best talent in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

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Redefined is a media agency, specializing in live events, content creation, website/technology development, music publishing, and business development. Launched in 2008, Redefined has remained at the cutting edge of music, events, and technology, working alongside clients around the world including, Apple, Spotify, and SXSW.

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